B Vitamins

B Vitamins – Benefits and Properties

B vitamins are one of the most important nutrients that we need in our body. 

Our body needs them for various functions and with the advent of information technology, today we are well aware of this, at a point that some of the vitamins are being taken in excessive amounts by people. If you are not getting enough B vitamins, then you might suffer from various disorders or might be even developing some disease.

A regular intake of B vitamins helps in proper growth of teeth, proper metabolism of energy, proper functioning of the nervous system etc. These also helps in the maintenance of liver and utilization of iron in our body. One should also take care that these vitamins are not taken in excess because it might even create several problems in our body. For example a pregnant woman should have a low intake of B vitamins. They have been banned in certain countries, so they could create brain damage to unborn child.

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These vitamins are also responsible for proper functioning of adrenal glands which is essential for immunity and stress management. Stress can result in high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and many other diseases. These vitamins also helps in proper absorption of protein and thus helps in muscle development and repair. The above benefits can also be derived from Vitamin B complex, which is present in abundance in vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

These are also responsible for proper functioning of thyroid glands, which is one of the most important organs for one to keep fit. Proper functioning of thyroid glands results in proper growth of hair, nails, muscles, and bones. It also controls the metabolism of fat and cholesterol in the body. So a proper intake of B vitamins is very important for healthy skin, nails, hair etc.

Some of the B vitamins are present in plants and seeds which cannot be found in any food. They are also found in sea algae, which is very helpful for the proper digestion of food. This substance is called as Phosphorus. Other substances like Magnesium, Potassium, and Folic Acid also fall under Phosphorus group. There are some special kinds of algae which contain all these B vitamins in small quantities.