Calcium Supplement Benefits

Calcium supplements, also known as supplements of calcium, are usually salts of calcium taken in many different situations. Calcium supplements can be used for preventing tooth decay and to help fight against osteoporosis and to prevent bone loss. For sportsmen and women who are looking to increase strength and muscle power they usually choose to take calcium supplements. In small amounts it can help reduce high levels of cholesterol.

Calcium supplements have been around for a long time and are still one of the more popular forms of supplemental vitamins and minerals. Calcium supplements are usually not used for prevention of disease or chronic illness but for strengthening the bones and to aid in building stronger teeth. Usually they’re taken in doses of 100mg/day or more. They’re mostly used by athletes and young children who are trying to gain strength and build their bones. Unfortunately, calcium won’t help prevent cancer, but it can help prevent certain types of kidney stones, which can weaken the immune system and cause infections and other problems.

In some cases a calcium supplement may be all that is necessary to maintain good bone health.

This isn’t true in everyone so in those cases it’s usually a good idea to seek a doctor’s advice before beginning a calcium supplement regimen. If you do decide to take a calcium supplement, the proper way to take it is with a large quantity of fluid and a small amount of food so the nutrients can be absorbed completely. The main thing to remember is to keep your doses reasonable and your nutrient intake in moderation. Good nutrition and healthy bones go hand in hand, so if you can use calcium supplements to gain these benefits you should definitely do so.