Personal Fear

Personal Fear

Personal fear is something that takes time to fight if ever we’ll do it. Nevertheless it’s achievable, and those who make it can feel the enormous benefits in their life.

If you’ve been finding it difficult to overcome your personal fears, perhaps it’s time to examine what may be causing them. Fear can prevent you from taking important risks, it can keep you from taking appropriate corrective action, and it can limit your life potential. Knowing the causes of your fears can help you learn how to cope with them more effectively, as well as giving you the tools to overcome them when they do appear. Here are the five types of Fear:

Type One is compassion

This is the type of Fear that lead people to hold their compassion in check, and refrain from helping others because they feel guilty or afraid of causing them harm. This type of Fear can prevent you from taking risks, being kind to others, taking proper corrective action, or even helping others to do the things that they need to do. Because people with this type of Fear often feel guilty or suffer fromissocial anxiety, this can lead to a reluctance to help others.

Type Two is the compassionate type

People with this Fear are not selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered, or callous. They are typically generous and kind and willing to lend assistance when offered, but they don’t expect a handout; they feel that it is their birthright to help others reach their full potential. Self-absorption is not part of their compassion.

Type Three is the analytical type

Those with this Fear tend to be logical, self-aware, critical, and skeptical. They value logic, facts, and evidence, and are great at analyzing data and information. While their methods can be cold and heartless, there is some sense of pleasure in watching something crumble. For them, the beauty of the moment is lost if they do not take immediate action, and they prefer the here and now to a long-term fantasy.

Type Four is the emotional type

These people have great difficulty trusting themselves or others. They feel uncomfortable or unable to let their feelings show, and their fears can encompass almost everything. This type of Fear can greatly affect the way they live their life, and they may repress all their feelings until it’s too late. They live their lives in a constant state of self-denial, denial, and avoidance. They hide their feelings and never take the time to feel authentic love and compassion, instead turning to alcohol or drugs to numb their emotional pain, which may eventually result in physical problems such as physical abuse.

Type Five is the confident type

Those with this Fear tend to believe that they are in total control of their lives, having little need for sympathy or help. At the same time, this type also believes that they are perfect, complete, and capable of doing anything. Life is viewed on a pedestal for them, with little room for growth, creativity, or even enjoying their life to the fullest. Those who have this type of Fear often lead incredibly charmed lives, but at the cost of leaving everything they truly want out of life.

Fear can be difficult to manage and control, especially when it interferes with the quality of life you can enjoy. The best way to get control of your fears and learn how to overcome them is to work through your fears and determine how your personal beliefs about yourself, others, and life in general are holding you back from living the life you truly deserve. Once you understand how limiting your fear is, you can work towards changing your beliefs to reflect a more positive and healthy outlook on life. Changing your personal beliefs will take a bit of work, but it is worth the effort because once you begin to change your outlook, you will find that your life is more enjoyable than ever before.

In order to start the process of changing your personal beliefs, begin by examining your current beliefs. Chances are, if your beliefs are holding you back from taking full advantage of your life, you have been carrying some sort of self-defeating pattern in your thinking. Realize that your beliefs are just that – beliefs. You don’t have to hang on to them forever, but if you continue to hold them over your head, you will find yourself always feeling like something is wrong with you. Until you examine your personal beliefs, however, you will never know for sure whether or not they are holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest.

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