Anxiety and Insomnia

Simple Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety Naturally

Overcoming Anxiety and Insomnia

Overcoming anxiety is no joke. It takes a lot of self-discipline and determination to overcome anxiousness. If you don’t have self-discipline, there are several ways you can get over it without any pills or therapy. The first thing is to identify the reason for your anxiousness. There may be physical or emotional reasons.

I have always been hyperemotivated, anxious and subject to fits of anxiety and insomnia that often force me to resort to sedatives. I have always wondered if there are any solutions?

I am convinced that many nervous disorders are linked to an insufficient supply of calcium and magnesium. These two minerals contribute significantly to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Their deficiency is manifested by nervousness, anxiety as well as mood and sleep disorders. Numerous factors reduce the content of calcium and magnesium in the body: stress, excess alcohol and caffeine, intensive sport, the intake of several drugs, etc. Even a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and excessive consumption of salt and meat act as “enemies” of football.

The lack of this mineral particularly affects women, who in all stages of her life (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, old age) have to cope with an increased need.

Physical reasons include illness, injury, or surgery. Illness or injury may lead to anxiety. If you think you have any kind of illness or injury that’s been treated successfully, that should definitely clear things up. Then you have to decide if the problem is psychological or physical.

Anxiety is usually caused by fear. Therefore, one way to treat it is to make yourself less afraid. You should do some research to find out more about what other people have done to get rid of their anxiousness. If all else fails, you can resort to sedatives. But don’t underestimate insomnia – this is very counterproductive.

Instead of taking sleeping pills, you can resort to other methods for overcoming anxiousness like meditation or relaxation. These techniques may help a little bit, because they relax your muscles and keep you more relaxed. You may also want to read or watch a movie. When you’re relaxing, you’ll need to get plenty of sleep. Try to stick to your bedtime routine and do it every night.

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Overcoming anxiety and insomnia can be hard at first but you’ll get better. When you try something new, you might fail. Don’t push yourself too hard. Give yourself some time to get comfortable with whatever you’re doing. And don’t forget to take care of yourself.

I was able to get my anxiousness under control by following this advice. You can do it too. Overcoming anxiety and insomnia is possible. Why not start today?

If you’re still worried about being able to sleep at night, then go to your bedroom and close your door. Make sure there’s no one in there and then you can turn off the light. If your have an en-suite bathroom, turn off the bathroom lights lights too. That way, you’ll have no distractions.

You can’t help what’s going on in your head so you just have to follow your heart. Just focus on what’s happening and worrying about it won’t make things better. Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else. I suggest a beach, or any other quiet place where you can calm down. Don’t think about anything else.

Once you’re in a peaceful environment, let your mind wander. Make sure you have peaceful food. Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol because they mess with your mood. If you can’t stay calm at least for one night, then it’s probably too much for you right now.

However there is something else you could try. It is called  Brainwave Entrainment and so far it is the only real way for me to enjoy a good night full sleep.

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