The Benefits of Higher Potassium intakes

The question of whether or not you should be taking potassium supplements has been on the minds of many people. However, there are some solid reasons for considering a potassium supplement. If you have high blood pressure or your potassium levels have dropped significantly, it may be time to increase your intake of potassium rich foods. You should still check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements, however. Let’s outline those reasons below.

First, you are better off consuming potassium from natural foods rather than potassium supplements. This is because potassium is found most abundantly in fruits and vegetables and it is difficult to absorb into your system through supplementation. Second, you do need to increase your intake of potassium in order to meet your recommended daily intakes for bone health. Potassium is essential for meeting a number of bodily functions such as regulating blood pressure, muscle contraction, muscular strength, the production of hormones, and the maintenance of normal heart rhythm. Therefore, it is important for your bone health that you consider increasing your intake of potassium rich foods.

The third reason you should consider a potassium supplement would be if you suffer from hyperkalemia.

It is possible to suffer from hyperkalemia without actually being suffering from kidney disease. However, if you have kidney disease or if you are at risk for kidney disease, then the benefits of increasing your intake of potassium would definitely outweigh any side effects you might experience from taking a potassium binder. There are several forms of potassium binder supplements available on the market today. Some of these are more effective than others at helping with your potassium needs, so it is important to choose a form of potassium binder that closely matches your individual symptoms.